On Product & Design

Deliver Better Services by Aligning CX and EX

A Service Design approach aligns customer and employee experience to produce results that one-sided methods cannot.

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Design Principles for Product Leaders

In today’s crowded and competitive landscape, companies are held to an increasingly high standard for new products.

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Why You Should Start with Customer Insight

When organizations develop a deep understanding of customer needs, it gives them insight into how they fit into their customers’ lives, and an opportunity to nurture a powerful connection.

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Scaling Your B2B Product? Be Sure to Consider These Areas First.

When your B2B product scales to meet new customer needs, it’s easy for your product to fall short in three key areas: roles and permissions, onboarding, and in-product communication.

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Is Your Product Roadmap Still Meeting Customer Needs?

Because your customers’ needs, pain points, and experiences will change as time goes on, it’s critical to implement customer research and validation into your processes at a systemic level.

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When a Design Sprint Isn’t the Answer

In some cases, a design sprint just isn’t the right method. Here are 3 situations where that’s the case, and what to do about it.

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Designers: Earn Your Seat at the Table

If you treat design as art—and perhaps your stakeholders do—you’ll miss out on the true value of design. Design is a critical skillset for operating in the business world, but it’s up to you as the designer to show and tell this to your stakeholders.

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